Rosa Teixeira

The story of Rosa & Teixeira is interwoven with tailoring. After accumulating experience at Rue Royale, home of the Zenith of the last century European elegance, Manuel Amieiro becomes the most prestigious Master Tailor in Lisbon, His disciple, Francisco Rosa, continued the tradition by combining his name and that of his son-in-law Antonio Teixeira, and this is how the Rosa & Teixeira trademark was born.

Concerning this almost legendary tradition, Lisbon, and Avenida da Liberdade in particular, has witnessed this institution’s constant renewal, while following fashion’s evolution and without ever losing its unique personality. New management, after 1981, bought with it modern, commercial expertise, resulting in more success and prosperity in what is a very dynamic and challenging market where only the best can survive and excel.

Rosa & Teixeira offers to a niche market not only bespoke tailoring but also internationally recognized trademarks, with the collections keeping the freshness of modernity whilst retaining quality and excellence of craftsmanship. Still situated in its home at the heart of Avenida da Liberdade, the city’s main street, the store has always embraced its future by keeping pace with the changing times, whilst always remaining true to its goals and beliefs.
A última, em 2006, ampliou o espaço para os actuais 650 metros quadrados de área comercial.

In 1988. Rosa & Teixeira witnessed a new historical moment: the opening of the Oporto store at the Aviz Building, in Avenida da Boavista. Here we can also ?nd modernity and the premium rate quality where clients can still enjoy a personalized service which is what helps make Rosa & Teixeira a successful and internationally recognized entity.

Rosa & Teixeira is much more than a lucky combination of names on labels. It’s a whole tradition and culture that mingles with style and good taste blended with service excellence and professionalism.

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