Rosa Teixeira

Art Creators

It is here, in the tailors' workshop, located on the Rosa & Teixeira building, that the experienced hands of the Master and his team maintain the tradition built on many generations of professionals associated with this centenary house. The team works with meticulous precision to create the perfect garment, be it a suit or a coat.

Overseen by the Master Tailor each garment is coutured by hand with the details stitched to the highest quality, with every piece being unique and specially created for the individual who will wear it.

The service is completely personalized and the advice of those that have the great experience in this industry matters for a final result that must be exemplary.

arte à medida

In a refined and peaceful environment demanded by the work, our clients and Master Tailor forge a dose professional relationship, which maintains the hallmarks of sophistication and rigour associated with our trademark.

Due to all this the confection by demand at Rosa & Teixeira is internationally recognized and appreciated, Despite being an art with almost no expression in the whole world, the activity of one of the most antique tailors‘ workshop of the country is still going strong with the same clients as ever and the arrival of new names.

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